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Katarina Pittis

Katarina is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. It is her passion to tell stories that are visually enticing and impactful for the world. She grew up in the countryside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was inspired by the desert landscapes in her backyard and decided to pick up photography in order to capture the beauty. From this point onwards, she couldn’t put her camera down. For years she has been capturing moments, portraits, events, and more through her lens. In 2014 she decided to move to New York City to major in Film and Television at NYU. Her goal was to apply her skills in photography to a video format so she could strengthen her storytelling techniques. 


Since living in New York City, she has worked on a multitude of film sets in the camera department, continued to shoot headshots, behind-the-scene stills and event photography, and has created a variety of short documentaries. Although she lives in the big city, she has not lost her passion for nature. She cares deeply about environmental issues and is therefore motivated to make art that speaks to these problems.


I would love to collaborate or shoot/edit your next event, portrait, promo video - you name it! 

Please send me a contact form or email me directly at:


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